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Southwestern Scale Company has been in the business of meeting the heavy capacity truck scale needs of our nationwide customers for over 65 years. We provide full-service weighing solutions so that you receive the most reliable and accurate readings every time—no matter the application. Industries served include cattle/livestock, chemical, mining, food processors, waste management and manufacturing.

We have available at your service a vast variety of some of the best, industrial-strength truck scales on the market today including our own renowned SIDEWINDER above ground truck scale to meet even your most demanding heavy capacity needs. We carry a broad range of truck scale configurations beginning at 20 feet and going upwards of 120 feet in length, with many featuring weight capacities of up to 400,000 pounds.

Some valuable options to consider when investing in a new truck scale include, but are not limited to, full electronic or hydraulic, steel or concrete decks, guard rails to prevent the truck from driving off a low-profile scale, above ground, pit or portable, digital junction boxes and many more custom features. The best part is that our entire selections of truck scales are manufactured at our Phoenix, AZ facility!

When it comes to choosing accessories for your truck scale, the sky’s the limit. Our extensive portfolio includes indicators ranging from simple weight-only models to programmable full featured versions, remote displays for driver viewing, traffic lights, intercom systems, indicator programming packages, software for managing your truck fleet, as well as ticket and receipt printers all readily available.

If you are in the market for a new, used or rental truck scale, please contact one of our friendly staff members today to set up a personalized consultation so that we may better assist you in locating the proper heavy capacity weighing solution that best fits your specific application’s needs.

Our Truck Scales Feature:

  • Up to 14’ wide and 120’ long
  • Up to 150,000 lbs. concentrated load capacity
  • Up to 400,000 lbs. gross weight capacity
  • Modular/custom designs
  • Analog or digital displays
  • Stainless steel or concrete deck
  • All electronic components are protected in conduit enclosures throughout for protection from the elements
  • Structure warranty varies from 5 to 10 years dependent on the model
  • Electronic warranty is 2 years for most load cells

VIDEO SLIDESHOW: 100’x11’ Sidewinder Truck Scale Installation

See the installation of a truck scale from foundation construction through installation. After installing a 100’x11' Sidewinder for a customer, they were kind enough to share the photographs with us, which provided a pictorial timeline of the project. A job well done to our vertically integrated teams: manufacturing, construction and field services.

Dairy owners:

Manage inbound and outbound truck scale weighments with DairyWeigh. A simple, easy-to-use, application that records all truck scale activity in order to assist in the day-to-day management of your operation.

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For seamless scale transaction data management consider adding the S1280 PC software adapter