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The Sidewinder is the single, most used and sought after low-profile truck scale in the state of Arizona and nationwide. Featuring a rugged steel structure with a foundational platform of your choice, in either concrete or steel, The Sidewinder has been proven to outperform, outsell and outlast all other available truck scales on the market today.

The Sidewinder Features

  • 24” I-Beam Construction: equates to a lower quantity of load cells per scale, which lowers cost of ownership
  • Tried and true design: don’t fall for “revolutionary” design features that are unnecessary and only add cost to your scale
  • Proven construction: we believe in the Sidewinder and offer a 10 year warranty
  • No proprietary components – why commit to a higher cost of ownership, and limit your service options, with a scale that has proprietary technology?
  • Safety Side Curbs
  • Simple Module Assembly
  • Concrete or Steel Deck Construction
  • Minimum Platform Movement
  • Parallel Link Suspension
  • Extreme Protection from the Elements

The Sidewinder Options

  • Traffic Lights
  • Remote Displays
  • Custom Truck/Livestock Scale
  • Lockable Weatherproof Enclosures for Indicator & Printer
  • Computer Systems for Ticketing, Tracking & Inventory Control
  • Unattended Weighing Systems
Sidewinder Scale Sidewinder Sidewinder Sidewinder

VIDEO SLIDESHOW: 100’x11’ Sidewinder Truck Scale Installation

See the installation of a truck scale from foundation construction through installation. After installing a 100’x11' Sidewinder for a customer, they were kind enough to share the photographs with us, which provided a pictorial timeline of the project. A job well done to our vertically integrated teams: manufacturing, construction and field services.


Width (ft.) Length (ft.) Capacity(tons) Modules Load Cells
10 or 11 20 40 1 4
10 or 11 30 40 1 4
10 or 11 35 40 1 4
10 or 11 70 70 2 6
10 or 11 80 70 3 8
10 or 11 90 80 3 8
10 or 11 100 80 3 8
10 or 11 105 80 3 8
10 or 11 120 80 4 12

Customizable sizes & configurations are available

Call for shipping weights for your specific configuration

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The Sidewinder truck scale’s rugged and robust design is built to last and has all the features and capabilities you will ever need. When you want only the best in long-term reliability, durability and quality look no further than The Sidewinder. Best of all, The Sidewinder will provide you high customer satisfaction and return on capital investment.

If you would like to further explore all the benefits of owning The Sidewinder, please feel free to contact us at (602) 243-3951. In addition, please feel free to view our Sidewinder Truck Scale Brochure and Foundation Drawing, for more information.

Sidewinder Truck Scale Brochure

70' Sidewinder Foundation Drawing

Dairy owners:

Manage inbound and outbound truck scale weighments with DairyWeigh. A simple, easy-to-use, application that records all truck scale activity in order to assist in the day-to-day management of your operation.

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For seamless scale transaction data management consider adding the S1280 PC software adapter