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Railway Infrastructure Monitoring Systems Phoenix AZ

Southwestern Scale: Rail System Infrastructure | Railway MonitoringRail system infrastructure is commonly abused by overloading the rails, whether from load displacements or misalignments, in weight limited areas. In addition, wheel defects, flats, shelling, and out of roundness will cause increased noise on the railways. Combined these or any of the following faults will cause the tracks to become defective.

  • Wheel having a flat or similar defect
  • Load displacements
  • Defect in suspension system
  • Misalignments

The TURBO monitoring system is a safety sensor, which is clamped to the rail without the need for permanent modifications, in order to identify the defective wheel due to any of the above defects by measuring the dynamic impact on the tracks in its developing stages and protect the railway infrastructure from derailments and catastrophic failures.

TURBO can identify all vehicle types, even those without RFID tags, and also identify any of the vehicle’s wheel defects before they arise. The results including type and extent of damage of the vehicle are then immediately reported using TURBO’s comprehensive and easy to read reporting package. This allows action to be taken promptly saving both infrastructure managers and train operating companies’ unnecessary expenses.

The ruggedness and reliance of the TURBO safety sensor ensures its suitability for remote areas and measuring speeds up to 400kmh. It can withstand any climate and all data is transmitted via internet, GSM, radio or satellite. Best of all, the entire system can run on solar power as required.

So how does it work? It’s actually quite simple: One unit contains a laser emitting ray, which is supported by a flexible iron tube. Once a wheel passes over this unit, the rail will bend thus displacing the laser ray downwards, proportionate to the bending movement. Therefore detecting the moment the rail bends with unmatched precision and maximizing the rail’s life-cycle.

Southwestern Scale: Rail System Infrastructure | Railway Monitoring

Many railways on a national level choose TURBO’s monitoring system due to the following advantages:

  • Fully Portable
  • No modifications to tracks needed
  • No overload limit
  • From 5kmh to 400kmh
  • Issues warnings to faulty vehicle operators
  • Limit values are set by the consumer
  • No disruption to train movements
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