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Combination Rail and Truck ScaleCombination Rail and Truck Scale




Southwestern Scale Company has been in the business of meeting the heavy capacity rail and train scale needs of our nationwide customers for over 65 years. We provide comprehensive weighing solutions ensuring you receive the most reliable and accurate readings no matter the application. Rail scales play an imperative role to the success of many industrial operations including food processing, transportation, mining, aggregate and chemical.

Trakmate is a technologically advanced software and loadcell based system specifically deranged for weighing and balancing locomotives and rail cars in rail manufacturing, maintenance workshops, rail truck presses, and other suited applications.

What’s more is that the quality of design and workmanship of our scales is unmatched in the industry. Best of all, our rail workshop scale systems are sure to provide you with maximum return on investment.

Reasons Why Rail Cars Should be Weighed and Balanced:

rail scale

  • To improve safety
  • Prevent possible derailments
  • Prevent brake lockups and wheel flatspots
  • Evenly balanced rail cars provide smoother mobility and better fuel economy


  • Simple to install
  • Suits all rail types
  • Temperature compensated
  • Heavy duty - with overload protection
  • Cost effective with return on investment
  • Provides wheel, axle, truck / bogie, and full vehicle weights
  • Easy to use software packages with comprehensive reporting
  • Customized to integrate with a variety of applications and workshop configurations


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