Proximity Warning Systems

Safety is critical to any business. Protecting your people and equipment is paramount to any business. Costs associated with personnel injuries and equipment damage impact the bottom line. Many of our customers operate moving equipment in proximity to structures, people, and other equipment and we have solutions that assist in avoiding collision based incidents. By bringing industry leading Proximity Warning System technologies to our customers, we help in assuring they protect their most valuable assets.

Proximity warning systems are not a "one size fits all" scenario. There is a wide variety of technologies available, some are better suited for certain applications than others. Southwestern Scale is committed to bringing only the best available technologies to market.

These ENGINEERING CONTROL solutions can provide the means to implement ADMINISTRATIVE CONTROLS.

Active RFID:

Identifies proximity to pedestrians and other equipment

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Stereoscopic 3D Camera with Pedestrian Specific Detection Technology:

The only camera based system able to decipher between pedestrians and objects

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Product Brochure - Construction and Mining Specific
Product Brochure - Industry and Logistics Specific