Process Control Systems

Process control systems improve efficiency, quality and costs. We provide weight based process control solutions including, but not limited to:

Highlights include:

  • Provide Programmable indicators to control process systems
  • Automate sanitary, high purity, semiconductor and industrial valves, pumps, conveyors, sensors, equipment and instrumentation to improve process efficiencies
    • Fillers using sanitary 3A approved valves, pumps and RTD’s for temperature.
    • Mechanical conversion systems using S-Type load cells and controlling 920 indicator
    • Add solenoid valves and manifold for pneumatic controls
  • Provide a recipe driven stand-alone system or integrate into existing equipment
  • Fabricate custom tanks and fillers for food and beverage applications using PAC or PLC to run systems logics and controls all while following FDA guidelines and using 3A approved components and applying load cells to make it a weight based application
    • TC - connections - H-line, S-line or I-line fittings
    • Bevel nut
    • Threaded
    • Buna, Viton or silicone gaskets
  • Create bulk filling applications using screw conveyors or super sack weight based systems
    • Includes chassis for super sacks, frame structure, hoist
  • Create custom software programs and recipes per customer requirements and specifications
  • Provide inventory solutions utilizing a programmable indicator, scale base, barcode scanner and printer and develop an inventory software with a data base to manage inventory counts, conduct transactions, set min/max levels, create cycle count and report by exporting into a spreadsheet, SQL or PDF file
  • Provide a process historian to help collect product and quantity used per batch recipe and integrate with ERP or existing customer software

Dairy owners:

Manage inbound and outbound truck scale weighments with DairyWeigh. A simple, easy-to-use, application that records all truck scale activity in order to assist in the day-to-day management of your operation.

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Inventory Management

Manage your piece-part inventory using APWI from Southwestern Scale. Keep your inventory accurate and up-to-date in real-time. This barcode driven system makes thing easy and reliable. An optimal solution for cycle counting, kitting and inventory management.

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