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Southwestern Scale Company is proud to offer a variety of quality crane scales, from material handling to process control, designed with a wide range of capacities and features to meet the demands of crane operators. Our comprehensive line-up of crane scales are used to accurately check the weight of incoming and outgoing material while they are suspended freely from overhead.

Our selection of crane scales come in many different sizes and types. You have your choice of indoor and outdoor scales, stand-alone units, wireless scales and many more. No matter your choice in crane scale, you can rest assured that you will receive a durable and reliable product, which has a very slim chance of breaking down.

We carry scales that feature wireless remotes, built-in rechargeable batteries, overload indicators, as well as gross/net display models. All of the scales we carry combine precision force measurement with structural integrity and application versatility ensuring you receive the best return on your investment.

When you purchase your new crane scale from Southwestern Scale Company you can reap all of the following benefits as well as our lifetime support:


  • Save Time – weigh it and move it in one easy step
  • Fast Accuracy – even swaying materials can be weighed quickly and accurately
  • Portable – easy transport between job sites
  • Wireless Communication – operators can communicate quickly with a process control
  • System for prompt date collection

Do you already own a crane scale but are in need of service? Well, then you certainly came to the right place! At Southwestern Scale Company, we not only sell top quality products, we ensure they are working to their full potential by servicing and recalibrating them as well. We will even service scales that you may have purchased from another distributor! For more information on our products or service please feel free to call or email us today.

Need service for this product?

At Southwestern Scale Company, we not only service everything we sell, but we service scale products that you have purchased from other suppliers. Contact us for more information.