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Combination Rail and Truck ScaleCombination Rail and Truck Scale

Combination truck and rail scales provide one scale capable of weighing both types of vehicles. These types of scales are best suited for mining, aggregate, grain and other national industrial operations where both types of vehicles need to be weighed accurately.

Our comprehensive lineup of truck and rail scales comes in five separate models to allow your specific needs to be weighed with precision (please see below for specifications). Modular designs provide the flexibility required to meet a wide variety of rail car sizes. In addition, you can chose to have your new combination scale installed with either a pit or above ground foundation.

What’s more is that the quality of design and workmanship of our scales is unmatched in the industry. Our designs are approved by the Association of American Railroads, the American Railway Engineering Association and NTEP. Best of all, our combination truck and rail scales are sure to provide you with maximum return on investment.

Specifications of combination scales:

  • Scale Capacity: 400,000 lbs.
  • Sectional Capacity: 180,000 lbs.
  • Weighbridge: Concrete decking standard with optional steel deck platforms
  • Steel Preparation: Commercial blast cleaning SSPC-SP6
  • Load Cell: 200K compression column load cells
  • Load Cell Cable: 30’ polyurethane coated cable
  • Junction Box: NEMA 4X with surge voltage protection
  • Surge Protection: Transient protection device and scale grounding package
  • Warranty: Please call for more information on warranties

Standard features include:

  • Anti-creep devices on live rails
  • Rail clips, foundation anchor bolts and grout plates
  • 360° positive self-checking
  • Surge voltage protection

Optional features include:

  • Availability in sizes 110’
  • Sidewall access and grating
  • Access manhole for pit foundations
  • End and intermediate approach packages
  • Lightening protection packages
  • Digital weight indicators
  • Peripherals and date collection packages