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Southwestern Scale is a full-service scale company that specializes in many types of high-quality industrial scales including cattle, livestock and other animal scales. With our years of experience, we understand that the reliable and accurate weight of any animal, cattle or livestock is paramount to the farming industry’s operational health, costs, and revenue. For this very reason, we have a large selection of high-quality scales for you to choose amongst, all of which will ensure you receive the most accurate weight for your cattle or livestock.

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As an exclusive Rice Lake distributor, we are proud to offer the only Legal-for-Trade Mobile Livestock Scale on the market today. Rice Lake has tailored some of the most durable and rugged products on the market today, to be used in meeting all of your farming or agriculture needs and requirements. In addition, all livestock scales within Southwestern Scale’s portfolio can be customized to fit one or more animals. No matter what your goals may be, short-term or permanent, we are sure to have the right scale for you.

Lions, Tigers & Bears...Oh My

Through our online presence, we sell and support weighing solutions for cattle, livestock, and dairy farms nationwide. We have also provided a variety of weighing solutions for the needs of Zoos. Over the years, we have helped solve thousands of complicated weighing challenges, and we've built custom scales to weigh everything from livestock to lion, tigers, bears, and more. Of course, we also carry a complete line of more typical weighing products, including bench scales, counting scales, truck scales, floor scales, and so many more.

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Every cattle/livestock scale we sell is designed to withstand the toughest conditions and provide accurate results for years to come. Best of all, they are all made in America!

Whether you would like to inquire more information on just how Southwestern Scale Company can put our knowledge of livestock scales to work for you, or are in need of service, please feel free to give us a call at (602) 243-3951.