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Technology is advancing within and around the scale industry at rates faster than have ever been experienced before. With new technology, the capabilities of scales and weighing equipment have improved exponentially over the years, allowing you to get more out of your system, improve processes and efficiency, lower operational costs, and in turn increase revenue.

As technology advances software, communications, and solar power; so do we. At Southwestern Scale we are dedicated to remaining in front of the technology curve, ensuring we are able to bring better system solutions to our customers, and integrate your systems with ease. We have the experience and knowledge to implement and deploy the latest the industry has to offer.

Scale System Integration

  • Truck Scale and Data Collection Software
  • Cloud Based Data Management
  • Custom Programming for Scale Operations
  • Solar Power Systems for Scales
  • Wireless Communications
  • Unattended Scale Management Systems
  • Process and Control Systems

In addition to our capability of remaining front and center of an involving industry, we are proud to offer a full-suite of services for your specific weighing needs. Your weighing system is comprised of multiple applications including custom batching programs, communication protocols, solar system utilization and more that operate as an integrated unit. These systems are designed to use compatible programming languages and various operating systems to enhance your businesses interoperability and ease maintenance requirements.

Effectively implementing your scale into an integrated system is a complex task that requires considerable resources, strong project conceptualism, consulting, and proper installation and construction techniques. All of which we are more than equipped to handle with the utmost of ease!

Our expert team of certified technicians has the extensive knowledge of industrial scales and their applications. With their years of experience, they can direct you to the equipment perfectly tailored to your needs and understand every aspect of integrating your system into what you require. No matter how simple or complex you need your new system to be, we supply quality equipment and programming services to get the job done right, the first time.

Truck Scale With Alternative Power Source

Southwestern Scale provided a new truck scale for a remote farming operation which required an alternative power source.  The location of the truck scale did not have electrical power service so in turn, we provided a solar power based solution to operate the truck scale, accessories and scale house lighting.

The solar system included (2) 250w solar panels, a DC to AC inverter, charge controller, and (2) batteries for power storage.  The panels were mounted on the roof an existing scale house, with the rest of the system components being placed inside.  The solar system was designed to run all of the scale equipment, and (2) 40W florescent bulbs with up to 40 hours of reserve power, assuming a 24 hour operation.

Truck Scale Alternative Power