Weight Studies


Weight Studies at mining operations are important to stakeholders of haulage, loading operations and equipment. The exercise allows haulage and loading operations to calibrate on-board equipment and also analyze other information related to equipment wear and maintenance. (See white paper).

As a member of AMIGOS, Southwestern Scale is a strong supporter of mining in the southwest and we're proud to offer weight study services to a prominent open pit mining operation in Arizona. The customer had a multitude of objectives to accomplish during the study and Southwestern Scale was able to provide the equipment and personnel to get it done for them. It was late July in Arizona, not a great time of year to be out in the elements, but we knew that the study was critical for the customer and needed to be done.

The feedback received was that we were efficient, effective, and easy to work with. We are looking forward to supporting this customer again soon. Great job to the Southwestern Scale team on a job well done!!!

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