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Southwestern Scale Company is proud to provide heavy-duty axle scales that have been designed to withstand any climate and built to industrial field specifications. The low profile design of our axle scales combined with their high levels of accuracy; ensure that they deliver superior performance, no matter the vehicle or transportation equipment used.

Southwestern Scale’s axle scales are available in a variety of sizes and features in order to weigh both single and multi-axle vehicles. Individual axle weights are a key variable in insuring your trucks are loaded to their full capacity without passing state limits while also eliminating them from being under-loaded, so that you can maximize your businesses productivity.

Axle scales are ideal for locations where large permanent scale installations are not feasible. They are best suited for temporary or mobile applications that require a smaller footprint and can’t comprise on reliable, accurate performance. We offer a vast range of options for those seeking a low cost alternative to large, permanent scales, including weigh-in-motion weighing processes, full weighbridges, and ultra-portable axle scales.

Please note that split weighing is not a legal for trade methodology in the US. Axle scales should not be used for commercial trade unless the entire vehicle is weighed on the scale in a single weighment. For more information on this, please see the link here:

Split Weighing

Features and Specifications

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  • 30 tons maximum capacity
  • Steel or concrete construction available
  • Stainless steel analog or digital compression column load cell
  • Options for static or weigh-in-motion processing
  • Pit-mounted or above ground installation
  • Portable and adaptable to any situation

Our Axle Scales

Axle Scales: Our top-quality axle scales are designed to allow you to use multiple peripherals to accurately record your transportation equipment’s weight. Peripherals include digital weighing terminals, printers, large weight displays and many more.

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