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A core value at Southwestern Scale: We Provide Empowerment, Appreciation and SUPERIOR RESOURCES to our Employees. All of our employees played a part in allowing us the privilege of welcoming our newest heavy capacity test truck to our Field Service fleet. Further increasing our service capacity to better serve our customers!!

Southwestrn Scale

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Since our incorporation in 1948, we have remained a locally owned and operated company that is constantly striving to provide outstanding service and support for the scale industry. Founded in a small residential garage in central Phoenix, AZ over 65 years ago, our business has greatly expanded to include the needs of scale customers, nationwide.

We Have It All

We are an experienced and successful sales and services company dedicated to providing prompt, reliable and high-quality service to all makes, models, and types of scales ranging from analytical balance to motor truck scales and everything in between. No matter what you are searching for, we are sure to have it all.

Nationwide Services

We specialize in providing heavy capacity and industrial scale equipment to customers nationwide including, but not limited to; Arizona, Nevada, California, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Texas. Whatever your national needs may be, we are specially equipped to help you, every step of the way.

Full Service Scale Company

Whether, you are looking for sales support, service, a high-quality manufacture or construction Southwestern Scale Company has you covered.

Available 24 Hours a Day

Do you need reliable scale services in the middle of the night? Then feel free to take advantage of our 24-hour emergency services! We aren’t limited to just Arizona, only, we will promptly arrive and meet our customers’ needs on a National level too. Why do we do this? Because we understand that the proper functioning of your scale is an integral part of your business’ operation.

Committed to Safety

Safety is always a priority at Southwestern Scale. Our scale technicians are MSHA certified every year, and our operation is just as serious. We have officially started working towards VPP certification with guidance being provided by the Arizona Division of Occupational Health and Safety (ADOSH).

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