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Rail Scales/Train ScalesSouthwestern Scale Company has been in the business of meeting the heavy capacity rail and train scale needs of our nationwide customers for over 65 years. We provide comprehensive weighing solutions ensuring you receive the most reliable and accurate readings no matter the application. Rail scales play an imperative role to the success of many industrial operations including food processing, transportation, mining, aggregate and chemical.

We are proud to provide our customers with some of the very best, industrial-strength rail scales in the industry today to meet even the most demanding heavy capacity weighing needs. We provide a broad range of rail scale designs and configurations, all of which have been approved by the Association of American Railroads and the American Railway Engineering Association, in capacities of up to 400,000 pounds.

We are your North American resource for purchasing and/or servicing one of the most prestigious names in rail scale weighing solutions. When you combine our rail scale portfolio with that of TRAKBLAZE’s unique portfolio you will be pleased to find many products for your specific needs and requirements. Some valuable custom options to consider include portable rail scales, weigh-in-motion solutions, as well as many more quality options.

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Our extensive portfolio includes indicators ranging from simple weight-only models to programmable full featured versions, remote displays for driver viewing, traffic lights, intercom systems, indicator programming packages, software for managing your truck fleet, as well as ticket and receipt printers.

If you are in the market for a new, used or rental rail scale, please contact one of our friendly staff members today to set up a personalized consultation so that we may better assist you in locating the proper heavy capacity weighing solution that best fits your specific application’s needs.


Product Brochures

Mobile Train Weigher (MTW)
Static Mobile Train Weigher (MTW-S8)
Infinity Series In-Motion Rail Scale (Infinity)


Our Rail Scales Feature:

  • NTEP approved
  • Modular designs to meet a range of rail car sizes
  • Pit, above-ground or portable installation
  • Anti-creep standard on live rails
  • Rail clips are included
  • Surge voltage protection

For more information on our traditional, legal for trade, rail scale offering see:

Combination Truck & Rail Scales
RailTrack Scales PDF

Mobile Train Weigher

Dramatically reduce down time and track possession with the utilization of the Mobile Train Weigher (MTW) from Southwestern Scale Company. As with all products within our portfolio, the MTW offers convenient and accurate train weighing solutions.

The MTW design is portable and incorporates a chassis arrangement with an integrated loadcell, which enables the weight to be applied directly to the load cell, rather than the rail. For more information on the advantages afforded by the Mobile Train Weigher, please contact us today at (602) 243-3951.

Please watch this video for more information:

Infinity Series In-Motion Rail Scale

Minimize weighing time with the Infinity Series in-motion rail scale system. Infinity is a load cell based system that is installed in your existing rail line or spur with minimal track downtime. The unique design provides low cost of ownership, lowest acquisition cost, and largest feature set in the market.

Rail Scales Options Table

   NTEP/Legal For Trade Static Weighing/ Accuracy Weigh-in-Motion/Accuracy Portability Rail Work Required for Installation
Weighbridge Pit Mounted YES 0.1% N/A NO YES
Weighbridge Above Ground YES 0.1% N/A NO YES
Rail Boss NO 0.25% - 0.4% N/A NO YES
MTW (Mobile Train Weigher) NO 1% 1% - 3% YES NO
INFINITY – LS Low Speed NO 0.1% 0.2% NO YES
INFINITY – HS High Speed NO 0.1% 0.2% NO YES