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#1 Truck Scale in Arizona

The SIDEWINDER from Southwestern Scale is the single most widely used truck scale in the state of Arizona. We are proud of this #1 status. But perhaps you are wondering how this has been achieved? Well, there are several factors that create this quality low-profile haul truck scale.  First of all, we give credit to […]

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A Walk Down Memory Lane

When dedicated, hardworking family men come together with a vision they can achieve great success. Sounds like an encouraging headline for a motivational speaker or life coach, right? Well, this is actually a description of the men that founded Southwestern Scale Company.  A family owned business that began in the late 1940’s is now proudly […]

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Steel Deck or Concrete Truck Scales

What is the difference between a steel deck or concrete deck on truck scales? This is a question we receive at Southwestern Scale Company quite often by new users. Below we have compared the basic differences of each. Steel Deck Steel Deck Truck Scales are built with more structural steel, an innovative design, a superior […]

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