The Arizona Department of Weights and Measures

The Arizona Department of Weights and Measures is on pace to increase inspections by 23% in 2017 over 2016. If a scale is out of compliance ADWM will “red tag” the scale and the scale is placed “Out of Service”. At which point the scale cannot legally be used for commercial trade until all of […]

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industrial floor scales

Industrial Floor Scale Uses

Southwestern Scale Company offers a wide selection of industrial floor scales in addition to an assortment of customization options to meet unique needs. Standard or customized, these scales are built using solid materials, either stainless or carbon steel for long lasting durability. Commonly used on warehouse, shipping or production floors, industrial floor scales are engineered […]

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monsoon season

Arizona Monsoon Season Services

It’s monsoon season again Arizona! The word “monsoon” is derived from the word mausin, Arabic for “season” or “wind shift.” It is now used to refer to a meteorological event that the National Weather Service declared in 2008 stretches from June 15th to September 30th throughout the Southwest region of the United States. Arizona winds […]

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Automated Bucket Filling Station

We are continuing to help our customers improve efficiency and lower operating costs. The latest deliverable is an automated bucket filling station for a customer in the cleaning products and chemicals market space. With the implementation of the filler, resource requirements dropped 60%, allowing those resources to be reallocated to other areas of the operation. […]

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AZ Dept. of Weight and Measures has Increased the Frequency of Scale Inspections

As of July 1, 2016 the Arizona Department of Weights and Measures officially became a component of the Department of Agriculture. This is a very common structure that is used by many other states in our nation, including nearly all of our adjoining states. At Southwestern Scale Company we have seen an increase in the […]

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Automated Filler for Key Customer

We have recently completed the installation and commissioning of an automated filler for one of our key customers. This weight based process control system was designed and developed specifically for this application as a result of our consultative partnership approach. The machine is designed to fill 55 gallon drums (bung hole or open top), 250 […]

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