S1280 Seamless Scale Transaction Data Management

S1280 PC Software AdapterThe S1280 automatically and permanently records scale transactions (“tickets”) to your local computer. Once recorded, your data is easily imported into Excel. Experience the power of the S1280 locally at your computer, regionally within your network, or globally over the cloud.

  • Eliminate data errors between your scales and financial software packages
  • Operate your scale remotely—within your network
  • Manage scale database items from your PC
  • Reduces operational costs and saves time
  • Enables paperless scale transactions
  • Near real-time scale data collection
  • Never lose a ticket again
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to use

S1280 Adapter Frequently Asked Questions

What is the S1280?

The S1280 is a software adapter (or add-on) that reads transactional data from a Rice Lake 1280 indicator and deposits that data into a MySQL database on a computer attached to the same network as the indicator. The data is read by the Adapter every 1 – 2 minutes, providing a near real-time log.

How is the data accessed?

Using the MySQL plug-in for Excel, the user can import a “snapshot” of the current data from the MySQL database for analysis or reporting purposes. Sorting functions are automatically included on the top row for each column of data. Importing can be specified by date and time in order to reduce the amount of data shown on a single Excel sheet.

Can multiple computers access the MySQL database?

Yes. The S1280 Adapter can be installed on a single computer and have a one-to-one relationship with the indicator, or multiple computers can access the MySQL database when the database resides on a network server. Data from multiple indicators can be combined into one MySQL database.

Can the databases or transactions (batch log) be edited?

Databases on the indicator containing drop down selections, such as ingredients and quantities for batch recipes, customer details, or other user selectable options on the indicator can be edited within Excel and uploaded back to the indicator. The transaction database on the indicator which contains an “as-made” batch log, date and time, measured weight, etc., cannot be uploaded back to the indicator. A permanent record is therefore stored for all transactions.

What about security?

Proper credentials are needed to access the databases.

Can remote computers access the data?

Yes. Whether a single RL1280 indicator is used, or multiple RL1280 indicators are used and their individual data is consolidated onto one computer (with one MySQL database), remote access to the data is possible. The host computer must have a network connection to all RL1280 indicators and the indicators must have static IP addresses. The host computer must have a static IP address as well, and any firewalls/routers must have the proper port open for that host.

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