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Since our incorporation in 1948, we have remained a locally owned and operated company that is constantly striving to provide outstanding service and support for the scale industry. Founded in a small residential garage in central Phoenix, AZ over 65 years ago, our business has greatly expanded to include the needs of scale customers, nationwide.

We Have It All

We are an experienced and successful sales and services company dedicated to providing prompt, reliable and high-quality service to all makes, models, and types of scales ranging from analytical balance to motor truck scales and everything in between. No matter what you are searching for, we are sure to have it all.

Nationwide Services

We specialize in providing heavy capacity and industrial scale equipment to customers nationwide including, but not limited to; Arizona, Nevada, California, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Texas. Whatever your national needs may be, we are specially equipped to help you, every step of the way.

Full Service Scale Company

Whether, you are looking for sales support, service, a high-quality manufacture or construction Southwestern Scale Company has you covered.

Available ‘Round the Clock

Do you need reliable scale services in the middle of the night? Then feel free to take advantage of our 24-hour emergency services! We aren’t limited to just Arizona, only, we will promptly arrive and meet our customers’ needs on a National level too. Why do we do this? Because we understand that the proper functioning of your scale is an integral part of your business’ operation.

Sales: We provide a wide-range of products and solutions needed for over 17 different industries including chemical, farming, food, industrial, laboratory, livestock, mining, railroad, recycle, sand/gravel, transportation, waste and more.

Service: Our service team is highly-trained and certified to service and calibrate your weighing system accurately and efficiently. We are always available to assist whether it is for periodic maintenance, scale repair, scale calibration, scale installation or emergency services.

Manufacturing: By manufacturing and fabricating truck, rail and coil scales in our Arizona plant, we are able to provide custom solutions to fit your specific needs, at affordable costs and in a shorter amount of time. Best of all, we manufacture one of the best known and highly sought after truck scales, the Sidewinder.

Rentals: To meet your temporary needs, we rent virtually every type of product we manufacture and sell.

Construction: Our experts are fully-equipped to deploy scales ranging from milligrams to tons, for a multitude of construction applications including pit construction, chemical tank modifications and more.

Integration: We can expertly integrate all of your weighing and scale systems into your existing operations. Whatever you are looking to accomplish, we are effective at making it happen.


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Latest Project

Southwestern Scale has just completed installation and integration of a Rice Lake Motoweigh in-line checkweigher for a prominent medical device manufacturer in Arizona. This system assures kitted assemblies are complete through the production line, in-motion, automatically by weight. In conjunction with weight verification is a barcode scanning inspection to assure the proper assembly number is being manufactured. A system-triggered reject arm removes rejected product from the production line to assure the highest level of quality product is being delivered to the customer.

In-line checkweighers can also include integrated video cameras for visual inspections. For added system control, the checkweigher can be integrated with existing equipment, PLC controllers, conveyor motors and other material handling equipment.

PUSHING THE LIMITS: On March 10, 2014 we supplied the most weight for a single-pick load-test to date: 75,000lbs. The scope of work was to load test three 30 ton overhead cranes in one location. The use of our certified weights and weight carts made the job easier and faster to complete. To learn more about Load Testing Services we offer to crane companies and crane owners click here:
Load Testing

The Purpose, Uses and Applications of Mining Haul Truck Scales

White Paper Available, Click Here to Request a Copy